Cape Breton Island

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Balache Point

Black Rock Point

Bourgeois Inlet

Cameron Island Cape George Harbour

Cape North
Carey Point Cheticamp Harbour

Ciboux Island
Enragée Point

Flint Island Fourchu Head


Gillis Point

Grandique Point
Great Bras d'Or Range Rear

Geat Bras d'Or Range Front Green Island
Gregory Island Guyon Island Henry Island
Jerome Point

Jerseyman Island Kidston Island


Low Point

Mabou Harbour

Man of War Point

MacNeil Beach

Marache Point

Margaree Harbour Rear Range

Margaree Harbour Front Range

Margaree Island
Monroe Point Neil's Harbour

Point Aconi
Rouse Point

St. Paul Island Northeast

St. Paul Island Southwest
Scatarie-Main A Dieu Sydney Front Range

Sydney Rear Range