Fair Isle South (Skadden)

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Source of Image: Ian Cowe (Scotland)
Date of Image: September 19th, 2009


International Designation Number:



Latitude 59 30' 49" N
Longitude 01 39' 16" W
Body of water


Date of Establishment: 1892
Date Light First Lit: 1892
Designer David A. and Charles Stevenson.
Is structure still operating? Yes. Automated 1998.
Characteristic Four White flashes, separated by 2sec, every 30sec.


The lighthouse at the south end of Fair Isle was designed by David Alan Stevenson and first lit in 1892.

Like many other lighthouses around the Scottish coast, Fair Isle South became a target for the Luftwaffe during the Second World War. 

In December 1941 the wife of an Assistant Lightkeeper was killed and in January 1942 the keepers' accommodation block was destroyed killing the Principal Lightkeeper's Wife, daughter and a soldier who was stationed nearby. The attack in 1942 completely destroyed the accommodation block and it had to be rebuilt. Evidence of these attacks can still be seen on the tower itself (pock marks) and the outline of bomb craters just outside the lighthouse walls.

Fair Isle South was the last lighthouse to be automated in Scotland (31st March 1998). 

The accommodation block was sold to the National Trust for Scotland and is now a bed and breakfast.