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Source of Image: Esbjörn Hillberg (Sweden)
Date of Image: Unknown


International Designation Number:



Latitude 58° 58' 00'' N
Longitude 18° 34' 00'' E
Body of water Baltic Sea.


Date of Establishment: 1882
Date Light First Lit: 1931
Is structure still operating? Yes. Automated 1931.
White light, 4sec on, 4sec off, 1sec on, 16sec off.


In 1882 the first lighthouse was lit. This was placed on top of a keepers house made of wood.

The lantern came from the deactivated lighthouse on Korsö. The light was a kerosene lamp.

In 1931 the now standing tower was built and both the lantern and keepers house removed.

The new tower first ran on acetylene gas, and later was electrified. In 1992 solar power was installed to the lighthouse.