Fyrskib nr XXI

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Source of Image: Larry Myhre (USA)
Date of Image: May 3rd, 2006


International Designation Number:

Fyrskib nr XXI

Vessel Name: 

Fyrskib nr XXI


Previous Name/s:
Station: 1912-1913 Grådyb
1913-1915              Vyl
1915-1917       Horns Rev
1917-1920 Esbjerg
1920-1933 Horns Rev
1933-1935 Orlogsværft in Copenhagen
1935-1939 Horns Rev
1939-1945 war lightship during WWII
1945-1969 Læsø N
1971-1979 Skagens Rev
1979-1980 Horns Rev
1980-1988 Observation Ship at Samsø Belt and Møn Se
De-commissioned: December 12th, 1988


Date of Construction: 1911
Builder: Rasmus Møllers Værft, Fåborg, Denmark
Material: Oak with copper below the waterline.
Cost: 133,060 DKK (in 1911)
Length: 33.58 m
Depth: 3.28m
Beam: 6.35m
Weight: 321 ton



Technical Data:

Operational Dates: 1912 until 1988.
Crew: 2 x 6 men in rotation every 2 weeks.


1969-1971 Lightship No. XXI is the last Danish Lightship to be withdrawn from its station. It was towed to Copenhagen by the Lightship tender "Argus" and was officially decommissioned by members of the former crew.