LV 12

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Source of Image: David Ian Wright (Wales)
Date of Image: Unknown


International Designation Number:

Light Vessel 12

Vessel Name: 



Previous Name/s:
Station: 17.11.1927             Humber Station
1927-1939              Station Humber
1939-1945              Middle Humber
09.06.1959-1975   Bull Shallows
De-commissioned: 1975
Authority: Humber Conservancy Board.


Date of Construction: 1927
Builder: Goole Shipbuilding and Repairing Company Ltd., Goole, England.
Cost: 17,000
Length: 100 feet (ca. 30,50 m)
Depth: 14.5 feet (ca. 4,40 m)
Beam: 24 feet (ca. 7,30 m)
Weight: 200 ton



Technical Data:

Elevation: 10m
Range: 11 sm
Propulsion: None.
Anchor: Mushroom Anchor.
Operational Dates: 1927 until 1975.
Crew: 7 men, later reduced to a total of 5 men.


1983 acquired by the Hull City Council with the aim of renovating her and displaying her to the public.

October 1986 she was towed to her present berth in the Hull Marina.

Since February 1987 museum vessel in Hull, having been returned to her original color of black with white lettering, open to the public.