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Source of Image: David Ian Wright (Wales)
Date of Image: Unknown


International Designation Number:

Light Vessel 91

Vessel Name: 



Previous Name/s: Humber
Station: 1937-1942 Humber
1942-1971 Humber
1971-1977 Helwick
De-commissioned: 1977
Authority: Trinity House.


Date of Construction: 1936
Builder: Phillip & Son, Dartmouth, England.
Material: Riveted Steel 
Cost: 19,355
Length: 104 1/4 feet ( 31.78 m )
Depth: 15 feet ( 4.60 m )
Beam: 26 feet ( 7.92 m )
Weight: 325 ton



Technical Data:

Propulsion: None.
Operational Dates: 1937 until 1977.
Crew: 7 men.


Located at the Swansea Maritime Museum. Access to the Light Vessel is only possible in June, July and August.

Visitors can visit most parts of the vessel to see the crew's quarters, have a view into the engine room and the upper deck with the

light tower.