LV 107

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Source of Image: Robert English (USA)
Date of Image: August 21st, 2006


International Designation Number:

LV107 / WAL529

Vessel Name: 

Liberty Landing


Previous Name/s:
Station: 1924-1933 Cape Lookout Shoals (NC)
1934-1942 Winter Quarter Shoal (VA)
1942-1945 See Notes
1945-1960 Winter Quarter Shoal (VA)
1960-1965 Delaware (DE)
1965-1968 Relief Third District (based at Cape May NJ)
De-commissioned: 15.04.1968


Date of Construction: 1923
Builder: Bath Iron Works, Bath (ME)
Material: Steel hull, steel pilot house and deck houses, 2 masts with lantern galleries; 
smokestack amidships
Cost: $200,000
Length: 132.4feet (40.25m)
Depth: 14.7feet (4.50m)
Beam: 30feet (9.15m)
Weight: 775ton



Technical Data:

Illumination: 375mm electric lens lantern at each masthead
Fog signal:  12" steam chime whistle, submarine bell, hand operated bell
Propulsion: Steam - compound reciprocating engine, 400 IHP; 2 oil fired Scotch
marine boilers, 120 psi; 4 bladed propeller.
Speed: 9 knots
Operational Dates: 1924 Till 1968
Radio and visual call sign: NMGV (1940-1965)


1942-1945 during WWII withdrawn from station and assigned to 5th District stationed at Portsmouth (VA) as examination vessel.

21.11.1968 transferred to Hampton (VA) as museum.

1980 hulk said to have been seen at Hampton.

1984-1988 reported to be at North American Metals, shipbreakers yard at Pordentown NJ.

Today Liberty Landing is located on the north end of Liberty State Park in the Morris Canal Basin, north of the Statue of Liberty. 

It is used as floating office space.