LV 114 / WAL 536

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Source of Image: Larry Myhre (USA)
Date of Image: Unknown


International Designation Number:

LV114 / WAL536

Vessel Name: 

New Bedford


Previous Name/s:
Station: 1930-1942 Fire Island (NY)
1942-1945 Examination Vessel WWII
1945-1947 Diamond Shoal (NC)
1947-1958 Relief (1st District) 
1958-1969 Pollock Rip (MA)
1969-1971 Portland (ME)
De-commissioned: November 5th, 1971


Date of Construction: 1930
Builder: Albina Iron Works, Portland, Oregon, USA
Material: Steel hull and steel deckhouses; 2 masts with lantern galleries; smokestack amidships
Cost: $228,121
Length: 133.3feet (40.60m)
Depth: 13feet (3.96m)
Beam: 30feet (9.14m)
Weight: 630ton



Technical Data:

Illumination: 375mm electric lens lantern at each masthead, 16,000cp
Fog Signal: Air diaphone using 4-way multiple horns; hand operated bell
Propulsion: Diesel-electric
Speed: 10 knots, average 9 knots
Operational Dates: 1930 - 1971
Radio and visual call sign: NMJB (1940-1971)


1942-1945: During WWII, assigned to 3d district stationed at Bay Shore (NY); used as examination vessel;

armed with one 6-pounder.

Scrapped in 2007.